Winton Upholstery are able to offer our clients a bespoke curtain design service to compliment your Upholstery & Decoration. Our bespoke made to measure service will take the stress away from having the worry about what type of curtain is best for your room, if you’ve measured it correctly or what type of fabric is most appropriate for your needs!

How do you choose to right type of curtains for my room!

The interior design company that we liaise with provides a very professional high quality made to measure curtain making service. The decision as to what type of curtain, the best quality of fabric to suit your decoration can be taken out of your hands with the advice from our professional service. We will help you choose the most suitable heading for your curtains in order for them to hang elegantly and make your room look special. We can help to advise you on colour scheme which will bring out the best of your decoration and help you to decide on the correct quality of fabric which suits your budget and will allow you to show off your room with professionally made to measure drapery.

We will also be able to give you guidance on the types of curtain rails / poles, rods, brackets, accessories & tie backs that are the most suitable for your window, the type of curtain heading that you choose will determine how your curtains will fall, so we will ensure you are advised in accordance to the style & fall of curtains that you are looking for and what will bring out the best of your home decoration.


Curtain Headings will give your drapery a very different affect so it is important to ensure that you have chosen the correct one which works best for how you would like your curtains to look and hang.

Pencil Pleat - This is the traditional standard heading for curtains; it suits most types of track or poles and the majority of fabrics. This heading gives a neat finish as it is fathered together to create ‘pleats of pencils’. The size of the tape will depend on the length of the curtains. This curtain heading works well in both contemporary and period homes.

Double or Triple Pinch Pleat (Dutch Pleat & French Pleat) - These are fuller than pencil pleat and will be hand sewn with careful measuring of the pole or track to ensure an exact fit. This will create a more tailored look and would ideally suit full length curtains especially with a bold design. They can be hung off a track or a pole but look best when hung beneath a pole.

Cottage Pleats - This style is suitable for lightweight fabrics and for curtains that have a shorter drop and will give a pretty soft gather. These look best in cottage bedrooms or kitchens. A cottage pleat can be used with a track or a pole; the gathering can be altered too depending on the width of your window.

Wave Curtains - This heading will allow the curtains to hang in wide even folds which will create a soft rippling affect. A specialist tract will be required for this heading but it helps to maximise natural light in a room therefore works best in rooms which have large windows.

Box Pleat & Inverted Box Pleat - The difference between a box pleat and an inverted box pleat is the box pleat is a pleat done by folding away two equal folds of fabric from each other in opposite directions. Whilst the inverted box pleated is the reverse of a box pleat.  This heading will require more fabric but will create an elegant decorative look. These types of pleats are more modern homes and are often used in rooms with a geometrical décor theme.

Eyelet Top - These will create a very modern look, especially if used on French or Bi- fold doors and will hang in loose wide folds. These can be hung from poles or large rings which slot onto the pole. This will give your curtains a contemporary finish and a very modern look. Eyelets are available in a variety of finishes to suit your room for example chrome, wood and nickel.

Tab Top - This is a heading which the pole will thread through the tabs on the curtains and again will give a very contemporary look to your curtains. These curtains headings aren’t suitable for rooms where light needs to be blocked.

It is important that the correct heading is chosen to ensure the light is fully blocked out. In addition, we would generally advise that you have your curtains interlined which will allow them to hang more stable. We can also offer blackout curtains which will ensure the sun stays out of your bedroom first thing in the morning.

If blinds are your preferred choice, we can also advice you on a variety of first class quality blinds of various types & designs. This is an attractive alternative to curtains and may be more suitable for your needs.

We will always measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit for your curtains or blinds and will always arrange to hang your curtains to ensure a perfect fit to complete satisfaction. Often the worry of measuring your windows correctly can be very daunting, so the service that we offer our clients will take away your concerns.


If your windows require pelmets, these can be designed by us or you may already have a design of your own. We will make your pelmets to order and cover them in the same fabric as your curtains. These are all handmade and finished to the highest standard, a fitting can also be arranged.

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